Friday, September 2, 2011

Struggling with Greens

"Cool Pool" Oil on board  6x6  - DPW Auction

My Wednesday painting of "Stormy Mountain" and my Thursday painting "Cool Pool" both challenged me with far too many greens. I realized that both these paintings are predominantly green which is something I need to avoid. I remember Charles Gruppe telling me that he did mostly seascapes because "green doesn't sell". Looking at the row of my first week's daily paintings I see that the mostly green ones are the ones that are the least appealing to me. If they don't appeal to me why would they appeal to anyone else. Point taken. I will strive to use less green. Today's landscape "Still Connected" still uses a wide expanse of green, but in this one I have woven in other colors to break up the green. I hope it's a step in the right direction. See what you think.

                                                 "Still Connected" Oil on board 6x6  - $35
                     (yes, this is similar to the pastel I did in the workshop - same reference photo)

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