Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catching up for the week

It's been busy with Plein Air painting excursions, life drawing and gathering and framing pieces for 4 upcoming group shows that I've been accepted into. I have, however kept my daily painting commitment, with at least one piece to post each day. Friday's piece was a pastel cat which is not for sale. "Grace" belongs to a friend of mine and she is the first of a three piece group that I am painting as a retirement gift. I have to get cracking on the other two.

"Grace" 6" x6" pastel on Wallis paper mounted on board NFS

On Thursday I painted with a group from Plein Air Austin at the New Sweden Church. It's a beautiful location to paint and a very challenging church building to render. I was fascinated by the huge tree shadow on what should be the front lawn. Unfortunately the drought has rendered it a dry dead wasteland between the church and the road, but the shadows were wonderful.

"New Sweden Church with Tree Shadows" 8" x 10"  oil on board $65.00

Wednesday was the day that I finally painted a scene I had photographed in Santa Fe just after sunset. The sky was glowing and the light reflected in a few windows and on the windows of the cars parked along the street.

"Nightfall in the City"   6"x 6" oil on board $35.00

Tuesday was a wildlife photo I took of a squirrel availing himself of the facilities of our birdbath. With everything so dry, I was very happy to see he was able to get his fill of water from the bath. While he was at it he gave me the idea for this painting.
"Not Just For The Birds"  6" x 6" oil on board $35.00

Monday was another redo of an earlier painting in another medium. This time I tried "West Texas Wayside" in and 8"x 10" size in pastel punching up the colors a bit.
"West Texas Wayside 2" 8" x 10" pastel on Wallis paper mounted on foam core $65.00

So that was my week's worth of painting. I need to get busy and get my Saturday painting created and ready to upload. Maybe another cat in my 3 cat series... but first I need to varnish the paintings I need to deliver next week.

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