Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day Two of the Paint Together

Another great day of painting. This morning Kathy McCarter helped me address a number of issues with my second painting yesterday, helping me improve it greatly. Then I was lucky enough to have Dalhart Windberg come by my easel and offer his suggestions as well. My painting ended up much improved thanks to both of them. Check out my Frederick/McCarter/Windberg.

In the afternoon I started a new one this one from a photo I took between Redstone and Carbondale in Colorado.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CTPS Paint In

What great fun we had today. 19 or so of us got together at the Windberg Art Center for a full day of painting together. This was just like a workshop only there wasn't a teacher. The best thing about it was that everyone was so generous with their time and help it was like having 18 teachers, actually 20 teachers because Dalhart and Michael Windberg both helped critique and make suggestions too! What a wonderful day! I pretty much completed two paintings both from photos I took in Colorado in late August and/or early September last year. I'm delighted with both of them. They probably need a little more work but over all a good day's work. Tomorrow we do it all over again. This is a wonderful way for us to get work done, visit with and learn from each other. The great set ups at WAC make it so easy, you just need to bring your paper and pastels. Actually you don't even need to bring that since the Windbergs make some wonderful pastel paper and their on site art supply store sells pastels.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Calendar

My 2011 Calendar using 12 of my favorite 2010 paintings is now out. This is a simple, fun project which helps promote my work. It's not about making money, it's about getting my work out there. Last year I sold one of the originals from having it on the calendar. Here's a copy of the back cover showing the paintings featured this year. If you're interested in a calendar they're $15 each, which is about what it costs me to print them. Just e-mail me and I can arrange to get you one. Of course, if you're interested in one of the originals, that's even better. The Agave and the Donkey are already spoken for, the others are available.