Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time Flies

"Hanging Lake" 8x6 Sold
I knew I was behind on my blog but had no idea how far. It came as a complete shock that the last post was in August. Now the year is ending and it's time for my resolutions for the New Year. Obviously to paint daily and to post those paintings on my blog must feature front and center in those resolutions. In addition I begin a new venture teaching The Dragon's Way program (a weight and stress management program rooted in Qigong and ancient Chinese medicine) beginning in January.  So much to do and so little time.

There have been so many paintings since the last post that it would be pointless to try to show them all, so I will feature a few of my favorites. The one of "Hanging Lake" was done on site at the lake after a fairly tough (for me) hike up to the lake. I had seen an artist painting there once when we had hiked up before and I decided then that I wanted to do that too. I finally got my chance in September. It was just as much fun as it looked like it would be, albeit a long hard hike with a heavy pack on my back, but definitely worth it.
"Parched Range" 5x5 Sold

"Reading Companion" 5x5 Sold
"Pearl" 5x5 Gifted
"Solitary Perch" 5x5 Sold
"Pearl" belongs to a dear friend, Pat, who hosted us to to a wonderful week at her home in Yellow Bay, Montana, located in the middle of the cherry orchards. It was picking season and I have never eaten so many cherries in my life. It was heaven! Pearl is such a sweet dog, I couldn't resist painting her as a thank you for Pat.

"Wetlands 2" 12x12 Sold
Wetlands 2 was painted at the request of a collector who had bid on my original "Wetlands" but did not win the auction. She contacted me and asked if it might be possible to recreate it in a different size. "Wetlands 2" was my attempt to do so. She was happy with it and bought it, so she got her painting after all.
"Koi Heaven" 8x6 Sold
Expect to hear from me more regularly in 2013. I won't promise daily but will post at least weekly. Wishing all of you a happy and healthy new year.