Thursday, February 21, 2013

Taking February A Bit Easier

30 in 30 was a wonderful exercise and something I should strive for every month. It was interesting to see how I handled the deadline pressure. All in all fairly well I suppose as 3 of the 6 I painted on the 31st sold fairly quickly. This month I am taking things a little slower and not worrying too much about the number of paintings done, although I have done 10 so far (not all successful) and hope to do quite a few more before the end of the month. Here are the 10. The last couple were done for the Texas Democratic Women's Convention where I will be exhibiting this weekend. I figured images of Austin or the Capitol might be good souvenirs for them to take home with them (nothing like playing to the audience).
"Dreamscape 2" 6x6 oil SOLD

"Walnut Creek" click here for info

"Walnut Creek 2" click here for info

"Dreamscape 4" click here for info

"Dreamscape 3" click here for info

"A Capitol View" click here for info

"Congress Bridge" click here for info