Friday, October 22, 2010

I've been remiss

Whatever my excuse, I've been remiss in keeping up my blog. My intent was to keep a running record of my paintings and that I've failed to do. This post is an attempt to begin to catch up a bit. I only managed two paintings while in Colorado this year, but that's because the trip was all about re-finishing the exterior of my mother-in-law's log cabin and not about relaxing and painting. We did an amazing amount of work on the cabin which is now ready to weather the winter in much better shape than it was last year. The first painting I did up there was the other side of Redstone. Patty and I drove out that way to escape the noise and fumes from the new stain being put on the logs. We stopped at a lovely spot along the road next to a river and I set up and painted this view of Chair Mountain. It didn't look much like a chair to me, but that's what it is called.
The other painting from Colorado was the view on the western side of the house looking towards the farm on the next piece of property. It's a lovely peaceful view with the light shining off the top of the silos. I called it "Nestled Farm" because it looks nestled in the valley with the hills surrounding it.

I went with some of the Plein Air Austin painters to participate in the Round Rock Chalk Walk Festival a couple of weekends ago. We had been invited to come as the festival was all about art of many kinds. While there we were encouraged to hang a few pieces in the new art center gallery. They had a whole wall set up with PAA paintings very nicely displayed. I set up on the main street near the gallery and painted an old building and the water tower across the street from me. I called this one "Downtown". It was painted in Round Rock but could pass for almost any small Texas town.