Friday, March 16, 2012

Two more weeks...

"Slow Setting Sun" 5x5 oil on board SOLD
Despite my best intentions days turn into weeks and I seem to fall behind in posting paintings to my blog. As you will see from my Daily Paintworks Gallery, I have not slacked off on painting, just on posting to the blog. I have begun reading Richard Schmid's "Alla Prima, All I Know About Painting" and let me tell you he knows a lot. I had borrowed a friend's copy (being frugal, and knowing it was an expensive book) but a couple of chapters into it I was compelled to order my own copy as I realize I will want to refer back to it often. I am also enjoying the new "ArtBytes" which are mini Carol Marine workshops that are available for purchase on They are inexpensive (there's that frugal part of me kicking in again) and yet they are chock full of valuable information and advice. Well worth the $10 price tag,
 there are even a couple of introductory ones that are free to whet your appetite.

These past couple of weeks I did 3 of the DPW challenge paintings, the horse challenge, the tool challenge and the paint what you paint with challenge. I was surprised when the tool challenge painting sold. I had not thought anyone would be particularly interested in the tools I use in my studio for framing, but I guess it struck a chord with someone.
"Green Reflections" 6x6 oil on board SOLD

"Mountain Laurel" 6x6 oil on board
 The mountain laurel in my front yard is almost finished now, but for a while it was pumping out the most beautiful sweet smelling blossoms. The butterflies and the bees were swarming it. I cut a few blooms and used them in a couple of still life set ups.
"Tool Challenge" 6x6 oil on board SOLD

"Horse Challenge" 6x6 oil on board

"Shades of Giverny" 6x6 oil on board

"Cruising in Style" 6s6 oil on board

I used a photo I'd taken in the botanical gardens to come up with my red bridge and water lily composition which reminded me of Monet's gardens at Giverny, hence the title of that painting. The sailboat for "Cruising in Style" was the one that we raced on Lake Travis for about 10 years. We sold it years ago but I still get a longing to sail when I see pictures like this.
"Lake Bluff" 6x6 oil on board

"Spring Pasture" 6x6 oil on board SOLD
 Spring Pasture and Lake Bluff were both imagined landscapes based on so many I've seen.
"Juicy 1" 6x6 oil on board

"Tools of the Trade" 6x6 oil on board
 Juicy 1, is, I hope, the first of many paintings of this pear. I must admit it is a fake pear, since there's no way to keep one fresh for very long. I plan to paint this pear at least 10 and preferably more times in various color combinations, various settings, lighting, backgrounds, etc. This will be very good practice for me.
"Snow on the High Plains" 6x6 oil on board

"Doll and Shrimp Plant" 8x8 oil on board
 I struggled with Snow on the High Plains. The photo made it look so desolate and cold. The snow stretched away in the distance as far as the eye could see. I loved the blue shadows in the foreground. The still life set up using my Belgian doll, a copper tankard filled with shrimp plants and rosemary with an old straw hat for background was a tricky set up. I found the hat almost impossible to capture, but since it was background I didn't agonize over it. I haven't used my doll collection before in paintings, but I may need to get them all out and do a series.
"Sunflower Duo" 5x5 oil on board

"My Pad" 6x6 oil on board

Sunflower Duo was another of my "it's late, I'm tired, what shall I paint?" paintings. I knocked it out after a long day in San Marcos helping a friend, and an evening listening to some great local bluegrass music. I didn't want to fail to post something so I went ahead and did another sunflower - my fave. Today's painting was the waterlily I titled "My Pad". Seemed like a good name since it was painted the same day as the new iPad 3 went on sale.
"Slow Setting Sun" was titled after a song that still sticks in my mind. A good friend wrote and recorded it. It's well worth a listen if you ever get the opportunity to hear The Cosmic Dust Devils.