Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Keeping Up at Least So Far...

I'm proud of myself. I have managed to get at least one painting done each day since I signed up for Daily Paintworks. They may not all be masterpieces but they're not bad and I am learning something from each and every one of them. The more I do the better I will get. I firmly believe that. I am reading something educational about art every day as well as making a painting so my understanding is growing too.
Here are my latest pair.

The pig was done yesterday to meet the Daily Paintworks Challenge Painting of the Week "Draw your Piggy". This was the only piggy in the house. It was a tiny plastic toy pig that I picked up somewhere and intended to give to Aralyn Hughes (you may  know her as the "Austin's pig lady"). Somehow I forgot about it until yesterday. It had been crushed in my art bag with a bunch of other stuff. I had to glue the legs and one ear back on before I could use it as a model. It is less than an inch long so when I say tiny, it's really tiny. Believe it or not this actually does look like it. "Hog Heaven" 6x6 oil on board $35

Today's painting is from a photo I took at the Star Hill Ranch off of Hamilton's Pool Road last month. I thought of it since the fires are burning out that way now. I hope this area is still safe but I remember thinking at the time how dry all the vegetation was and that it really is a tinderbox waiting for an errant spark to kindle it. I plan to donate the proceeds from sale of this painting to the Red Cross to help the victims of the fires in Central Texas. So many are suffering and so much of our homes in the beautiful hill country and piney woods are being lost to fire. "Tinderbox" 6x6 oil on board $35

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