Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Workshop Products

I was fortunate enough to take the Dinah Worman workshop recently offered through Central Texas Pastel Society. I have found that workshops of all varieties are a wealth of inspiration and no matter the artistic or teaching style of the instructor much can be gleaned from their presentations. 

Dinah gave a demonstration and talk each day followed with lots of time for us to use the concepts she outlined in our own works. She prefers to work fairly quickly and stops before she begins to overwork her paintings. This is something I have struggled with. I always seem to miss the perfect stopping point only to overwork some passages that would have been fine left alone. 

Since I was able to knock out four paintings (all on 8x10 surfaces) in the two day workshop I felt that I was beginning to get the concept that less is more sometimes. The four paintings all turned out better than I had hoped however the last one is not really finished. The cacti in the foreground need work but since it was the last one I was tired and unable to resolve them properly.

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