Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The one problem I can foresee with my new daily painting venture is what to do when I really don't have time to paint. Yesterday I devoted almost the whole day to running errands for my mother. When we finally got home I realized that I needed a daily painting. I didn't want to fail to do one at least daily on the second day of my membership, so to work I went. I made the mistake of asking my husband what he thought and he made his usual comment about perspective (I should know better than ask him). Anyway I reworked the painting, photographed it and then realized the colors were off. Reworked again and messed up the window, reworked again etc. Finally too tired to continue I photographed it and turned it in. You guessed it - I think it looks overworked. Well lesson learned. Next time I won't ask. I believe the original version was the best. I should have left it alone. Sometimes the most important thing is knowing when to stop.  "Canyon Road Entrance" oil on board, 6" x6".

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