Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Challenging Effort

Yesterday and this morning I struggled to make a painting of the front of the building I worked in for over 30 years. I wanted to make it as a retirement gift for one of my favorite managers whose last day was today (Yikes! I had thought I had until the end of the month but found out Tuesday that was not the case). Nothing like deadline pressure. As I was noodling away at it I got a call that she was actually leaving early today so I needed to get down there to give it to her before she left. Mad dash to pick up a frame. Slap it in the frame and mad dash downtown to present a barely finished still very wet painting. Not my best work but considering the difficulties of the architecture (perspective not being my forte), not too bad.  This is my third retirement picture of the building. Think I'll try to find an easier angle next time. This was torture.
"Statesman Sunrise" 9" x 12 oil on canvas NFS.

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