Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daily Paintings

Every one tells me that in order to make major improvement in my skills as an artist the most important thing I can do is paint more. I just read the same thing in a book I'm reading, so maybe they're all on to something. Many artists I know have already committed to painting at least one painting a day and have found great benefit from doing so. I have made up my mind to join them and paint at least one a day for at least the next 3 months as a test. After that I will re-evaluate and see where I am. There is a wonderful website for daily painters which works as an E-bay for only paintings. It seems to get good traffic and many of their artists have made a number of sales. The price to join is very reasonable and if I join I will feel even more incentive to paint daily and continue to improve. So here I go. Today was spent running around doing errands, not much time to paint, but I did knock out this little still life of 3 cherries. It's not perfect but it's a start. Once again I used up a piece of clay board I had on hand. I really don't like the way it soaks up the paint and leaves the surface looking a bit chalky. I plan on making my own boards since I can't find my favorite boards at Jerry's anymore and I will be going through a lot of them. I got a new battery for my saw and stocked up on masonite and gesso. Hopefully I will prefer this painting surface to the clay board. Wish me luck on my new endeavor!

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