Saturday, May 26, 2012

Productive Week

"Century Plant 2" 8x6 oil on board click here

"Rustic Setting" 6x6 oil on board click here
This has been an interesting week. Starting with Sunday at the West Austin Studio Tour where I sold the painting "Century Plant" as I was still working on it. Monday I decided to try to repaint it from a photo in order to participate in this week's Daily Paintworks Challenge which was to paint the same thing in two different sizes and/or perspectives. My second painting was successful also, but it brought home the difference between painting from life and from a photo. I believe my first version had more "life" in it and it certainly had more light. I then went on to paint "Rustic Setting" which was a redo of the painting I did the last day in the John Cosby workshop. This one worked a bit better, I believe.

"State Cemetery Entrance" 8x8 oil SOLD

"Seaholm Sunrise" 6x6 oil click here
On Thursday I painted with PAA members Susan Andersen and Gordon Fowler at the Texas State Cemetery. It's a beautiful, peaceful place with a gorgeous pond and waterfall. This painting looks up the waterfall towards the visitors center entrance. This painting sold right off the easel to the lady who runs the visitor's center. She is buying Susan's painting too.

On Friday I painted from a photo I took in the winter from the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge early in the morning as the sun was coming up to the East. This was looking out towards the old Seaholm Power Plant which is about to be come a new downtown development.
Tonight I painted from a photo taken in Salida Colorado last trip through of a bicycle parked in front of a brick wall.
"Red Cruiser" 6x6 oil on board click here to bid

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