Thursday, April 14, 2016

Off On Another Direction...

I know I promised to put together a series of Arizona paintings (can a series be two?)...but I took a four day workshop with Nancy Tankersley a couple of weeks ago and have moved off in another direction. Now I'm having fun painting figures. Nancy's workshop is all about painting figures from photos. This is the second time I've taken her workshop and each time I feel like I've progressed so far. Besides all the paintings I did in the workshop, I've started painting from photos I've taken with figures in them instead of avoiding them. I'm just not scared of figures any more and I'm actually enjoying painting them. Here are a few of my most recent ones. I also tried a new painting surface. The Tijuana woman is painted on Arches Oil Paper - my first painting using that paper. I knew a lot of artists are using it and talking about it, I finally decided to try it myself. I did like it. It's really a nice surface to work on.
"Finally Got It" 6x6 oil on panel click here for more info.

"Tijuana Woman Walking" 8x4.75 oil on paper
click here for more info.

"Harvesting at Boggy Creek Farm" 10x8 oil on panel
click here for more info.

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