Wednesday, January 9, 2013

7 Down, 23 To Go...

OK, so I'm a painting behind already. I'm sure I have time to make it up before the end of the month though. The day I did not manage to get a painting done was Monday, January 7th. My excuse is probably better than most, that's the day that my 91 year old mother passed away. Somehow I couldn't make myself paint that day. I will catch up though...just give me a few days.

Here are the ones I've done since the last post.

"Old Red" 5x7 oil on canvasboard  bid on it here

"Delicate Subject" 6x6 oil on canvas bid on it here

"Day Drawing Down" 6x6 oil on board bid on it here

"Paint Gone Wild" 6x6 oil on canvas bid on it here

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