Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More paintings...

Just bought my first ArtByte Tutorial on Daily Paintworks. They are mini workshops (sort of) by Carol Marine (and others in the future). They are priced on the iPhone App model (cheap). Just loved it. Now if I can just apply it - I aspire to paint looser and cleaner more like Carol. I was lucky enough to be present when she did a demo for Plein Air Austin several years ago. I learned so much from watching her. I will probably purchase every tutorial she publishes.
147 "Green Pastures" 6x6 oil on board

The paintings below were done this week (before I watched her tutorial). I must say I was very pleased with some of them. See what you think.

145 "Sunny Flower" 5x5 oil on board

149 "Mountain Laurel & Friends" 6x6 oil on board

146 "Sun Tinged Copse" 5x5 oil on board
I have discovered that on the days when nothing works, a sunflower is the perfect answer for me. I always love to paint them and they always cheer me up. No matter what else has gone wrong a sunflower seems to come out well. So whenever you see I've submitted a sunflower for my Daily Painting you can be fairly sure I've wiped out several failed paintings before resorting to my go-to image.
148 "Sunflower Reprise" 5x5 oil on board
144 "Pecking Order" 6x6 oil on board

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  1. Wow! You did a lot of painting this week! Kudos to you. Love the Sesimbra boats.