Friday, October 14, 2011

Daily Paintings

This week's daily paintings include:
Sunflower 2, 6x6, oil on board, available here

Composition Challenge, oil on board, available here

An Apple A  Day, 6x6, oil on board, available here

Harvest Trio, 8x8, oil on board, available here
The composition challenge was done from part of a very complex photograph which was posted on Daily Paintworks as the weekly challenge. The objective was to choose part of the photo and create a pleasing composition from it. The Apple A Day painting came from me playing around with the paint. I bought some Yellow Oxide, a color I had not tried before, based on information in Qiang Huang's blog. He mentioned what lovely transparent grays a mixture of yellow oxide and ultramarine blue would make. The Harvest Trio painting came from my finding one of my dwarf pomegranates knocked off my new dwarf pomegranate bush. I hated to waste it but it wasn't ripe enough to eat so what else but paint it. The acorn squash and apple were from my kitchen and will soon be eaten.

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