Friday, October 14, 2011

Cat Project Done!

As I've mentioned before I began a project of painting three cats in pastel as a gift for a former manager and good friend of mine who recently retired from the newspaper we both worked at for many years. I had wracked my brain for a good idea for a retirement gift and realized that perhaps the best one I could give would be a piece of art, but I wanted to give something very personal that I hoped she would love. Having done a successful portrait of my cat for the Central Texas Pastel Society Annual Show, and knowing her love of cats, I decided a cat portrait would be ideal. She has three beautiful cats and after playing with several options I realized a single painting with all 3 cats would be very problematic. So I decided to do three individual small portraits. I posted the first one about a month ago and was pleased with it's resemblance to the photo I was working from. I've since completed the other two. One looks a little off kilter, but it's his ear that is unusual and not an error on the part of the artist. It occurs to me that perhaps pet portraits could be a profitable revenue source for me although I've only done cats so far. Both my mother and brother have asked me to paint their cats after seeing the work I'd done on my cat and Karen's cats, so I guess there are people who would like pet portraits. 
Mmm... something to think about. Anyway this project is done. All I need do is frame them and deliver them. I'm still trying to decide if there's a way to frame them under Museum Glass without it costing a fortune. These are small paintings and I plan to put them in 6x6 frames with only a spacer between them and the glass. Anyone know of a cheap source of 6" x 6" Museum Glass? Perhaps scrap from a frame shop. I'll have to check around.

Harriett, 6x6, pastel on Wallis paper glued to masonite

Eddie, 6x6, pastel on Wallis paper glued to masonite

Grace, 6x6, pastel on Wallis paper glued to masonite

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