Sunday, October 2, 2016

Renewed Inspiration Comes from Great Podcast

This morning I noticed a little link on the bottom of Carol Marine's blog which linked to a podcast where Carol was interviewed by Jessica Watchorn on the ArtPro Podcast. I went ahead and clicked on it and listened to the interview. It was very well done. Jessica asked great questions and Carol was very generous with her answers. Listening totally renewed my enthusiasm for daily painting which had been lagging a bit lately. After listening I immediately pulled out some oil paper and cut it into small blocks. Then I painted five small oil paintings over the course of the day while listening to other episodes of the ArtPro podcast. The idea was that each small painting was not costing much in materials or time and it didn't matter if they worked or not. It was very freeing. As it turned out, I was pleased with my efforts and decided to post them on Daily Paintworks for sale with initial bid of $3.

Here's a photo of some of today's group drying on my mini washing line with tiny clothes pins which I'd had left over from a previous project.

If you want to check out the podcast go to . I recommend it highly. Jessica is providing a wonderful service with her podcasts and the artist who have agreed to allow her to interview them are also providing a great service to the entire artist community. Thank you for watching my work develop

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