Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Resolutions!

Happy New Year! It's been three months since my last blog. I feel like I'm a penitent in the confessional. I know it's been far too long. Now with the new year and renewed resolve, I pledge to post once a week. Originally I wanted to post daily, but that's not realistic. I don't have that much to say. A realistic goal is a weekly post with the best of the week's painting and perhaps something I've learned that I can share. So here goes...

Since the week is new the best painting so far this week is my Chinese pigeon which I painted today using a photo of a pigeon I'd shot in Beijing when I was there in September. Basically a pigeon is a pigeon, I'm not sure a Chinese one looks any different than any other. I really enjoyed painting it. This is one of those paintings that just seem to work right from the start (unlike some of the other paintings I've attempted lately which I do not plan to post).

"Winged Scavenger" 5x5 oil on board click here to buy

Now here's a useful hint for my plein air painting friends. Never get caught without a trash sack for your paint covered  paper towels. Buy a dog walker's bag dispenser from your local pet store or dollar store (I got mine at Dollar Tree). Clip it on to your backpack. Bring a small clip or some tape to attach your trash bag to your easel and you're ready to go.

Dog Waste Bags with Dispensers Each small dog bone shaped dispenser holds 20 bags. Each bag holds enough trash for one of my plein air sessions. No muss, no fuss. Talk about convenient.

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