Thursday, March 12, 2009

My paintings from the Desmond O'Hagan workshop, Sesimbra Boats and Bonn Flower Market.

I attended a wonderful workshop with Desmond O'Hagan last weekend. It was incredible to watch Desmond work so deftly with pastel to create fascinating art with such rapid efficiency. His work was absolutely beautiful. I wished I could have had the spare cash to purchase one of his demo paintings, they were so totally worth the price. Not that my work is any reflection on his but I do feel I was able to improve my technique and come out of the workshop with several pieces I was pleased with. Both of the paintings above are pastel on Canson paper.


  1. Jane I want to see MORE!! These boats are fun and so are the figures, you handle pastel really well.

  2. Jane - I found your blog from Rae's and seeing you at the last APS meeting. Your boats are great! And I like your street scene a lot too - very complex scene and much more than I would tackle.